The Ancient 51 Mantra PDF Book

The Ancient 51: A Complete Guide To Mantras
How They Will Benefit Your Life

Over 50 Mantras That Will Help You Solve Your Problems

Millions of people around the world have found clarity when using “Mantra transformative chants” – the chants that invoke the Gods and tap into your inner divinity.

Mantras are energies.

They are vibrations.

They can also be sacred sounds and effective forces of creation if they are chanted the right way.

Ancient 51 Mantra PDF book

The Mantra Infused Life: Learn, Feel, And
Grow With The Time Tested Mantras


Discover The Healing Powers And Hidden Benefits Of Over 50 Mantras

There are thousands of Mantras in our scriptural books and Vedas.

What should you do if you don’t know which Mantra that you really need to solve a specific problem?

Or let us imagine you know the Mantra, but you don’t know where and how to use it in your everyday life.

Find the answers to all your questions about Mantras – where, when and how you can benefit from the healing power of Mantras – right here in this eBook. Learning all this will help you to start creating positive results for your life today.

  • Over 50 fully explained Mantras so you can select the right ones for you.
  • The real benefits of Mantras; you will find some that might surprise you.
  • Advice from Gurus and Masters on chanting of Mantras to achieve what you desire.
  • Proper hand gestures and sitting positions while chanting.
  • Dos and don’ts.
  • Over 50 Mantras for Protection, Health, Love, Wealth and many more.
  • How Mantras can remove all the obstacles that are keeping you from being fulfilled.
  • More than 160 ways of using Mantras in your life.
  • A guide to using Mantras in your everyday life.


Find Answers To Your Questions And Learn Where And How To Use Mantras In This eBook

Chapter 1  How Mantras Work

Chapter 2  Choosing The Right Mantra

Chapter 3  The Best Timing For Chanting Mantras 

Chapter 4  The Best Mantra Counting Practices  

Chapter 5  Positions (Yoga Asan) And Place For Chanting Mantras

Chapter 6  Effectiveness Of Mantras

Mantras For Protection And Strength

Chapter 7  Maha kali Mantra 

  • Find Your Life Solutions Through Maha Kali Mantra.
  • How To Make Maha Kali Mantra More Effective.
  • Common Things Which You Should Avoid While Chanting Mantra.
  • Maha Kali Beej Mantra
  • Most Powerful Maha Kali Mantra
  • Who Should Use Maha Kali Mantras?

Chapter 8  Durga Mantra 

  • Discover How Durga Mantras Can Be Useful For You And Help To Solve All Problems Of Life
  • What Are The Benefits Of Durga Mantras For Me?
  • How To Make Durga Mantra More Effective
  • Beej Mantra For Goddess Durga
  • Most Powerful Durga Mantras
  • Mantra For Protection Against Your Enemies
  • Who Should Chant Durga Mantra?

Chapter 9  Hanuman Mantra 

  • Hanuman Mantra That Makes Everything Possible
  • The Different Reasons As To Why We Chant The Hanuman Mantra
  • How To Make Hanuman Mantra More Effective
  • Hanuman Beej Mantra
  • Who Should Chant Hanuman Mantra?

Chapter 10  Gayatri Mantra 

  • The Gayatri Mantra As An Easy Way To Attain Success, Excellence And Greatness
  • Benefits And Usages
  • How To Make This Mantra More Effective
  • The Gayatri Mantra
  • Who Should Chant This Mantra?

Chapter 11  Om Mantra

  • Why OM Mantra Is So Important For You
  • 25 Benefits Of OM Mantra
  • How To Make OM Mantras More Effective
  • Who Should Chant This Mantra?

Chapter 12  Om Namah Shivaya Mantra

  • Get Immersed In Om Namah Shivaya
  • See How Om Namah Shivaya Heals Your Life
  • How To Make This Mantra More Effective
  • Who Should Chant This Mantra?

Mantras For Health And Healing

Chapter 13  Most Powerful Mantras For Healing And Stress Reduction

  • Find The 3 Most Powerful Mantras That Heal Your Body And Can Help Make Your Life Stress-free In Just 10 Minutes.
  • Significance Of Mantras
  • Most Powerful Mantras To Make You Healthy And Stress-free
  • Who Should Chant These Mantras?

Chapter 14  Most Powerful Mantras For Health

  • Find The 7 Most Powerful And Secret Mantras For Health.
  • Hindu Mantras: Be Happier In Just 15 Mins
  • Discover Their Benefits And Uses In Our Life.
  • Who Should Chant These Mantras?

Chapter 15  Powerful Hindu Mantras For Happiness

  • Find The 4 Most Powerful Mantras For Happiness.
  • Discover Their Benefits And Uses In Our Life.
  • Who Should Chant These Mantras?

Chapter 16  Vishnu Mantra 

  • 10 Reasons To Chant The Vishnu Mantra
  • Vishnu Beej Mantra
  • Get Happiness With The Help Of This Vishnu Mantra
  • Who Should Chant These Mantras?

Mantras For Love and Relationships

Chapter 17  Most Powerful Vashikaran Mantra

  • Find Out How The Vashikaran Mantra Works
  • Vedic Vashikaran Mantra
  • Benefits Of Chanting Vashikaran Mantra
  • How To Make Vashikaran Mantra More Effective
  • Powerful Mantra For Early Marriage
  • Who Should Chant This Mantra

Chapter 18  Mantra For Love – Kamdev Gayaytri Mantra

  • Kamdev Gayaytri Mantra
  • Benefits of Kama deva Gayatri Mantra
  • Instruction For The Use Of Love Mantra In Our Lives
  • How To Make It More Effective
  • Beej Mantra For Love
  • Mantra For Husband & Wife Love
  • Who Should Chant This Mantra?

Mantras For Wealth

Chapter 19  Kubera Mantra

  • 15 Ways Kubera Mantra Can Help Us
  • Most Effective Kubera Mantra
  • There Are Different Ways In Which Kubera Can Help Us
  • How To Make Kubera Mantra More Effective
  • Kubera Beej Mantra
  • Who Should Use Kubera Mantra

Chapter 20  Ganesha Mantra 

  • How Can The Ganesha Mantra Help Us?
  • How To Make The Ganesha Mantra More Effective
  • Ganesha Beej Mantra
  • How To Use The Ganesha Mantra For Removing Obstacles In Life
  • Who Should Chant This Mantra?

Mantras For Success

 Chapter 21  10 Most Powerful Mantras for Success  

  • Find Out Their Benefits And Where And How You Can Use Them In Your Life. Discover Which Problems They Can Help Solve.
  • How To Make Them More Effective
  • Who should chant these Mantras?

Chapter 25  Saraswati Mantra

  • Let Goddess Saraswati Infuse The Great Knowledge Of Life Into You – Chant Sarawati Mantra For Success!
  • The Benefits Of Chanting Saraswati Mantras Everyday:
  • The Knowledge Mirror For Students
  • The Saraswati Mantra For achieving Success In Your Job
  • Using The Mantra For getting The Job You Want And For Securing An Ideal Grade In Competitive Exams
  • Saraswati Mantra For Politicians And Orators
  • How To Make It More Effective
  • Who Should Chant This Mantra?

Ancient 51 Mantra PDF book